Sunday, January 4

I'm Getting Cold Feet!


I have noticed how the days got colder just last Friday. Rap and I were over at my parents' place for an impromptu gathering with some of my relatives. It was a sunny day, yet, I was shivering to the cold breeze that just kept blowing in and out of my parent' driveway. I had to borrow a jacket from my younger brother and opted to hangout in the kitchen where the burning stove is.

Today, temperature in Manila is expected to be between 18 to 27 degrees Celsius according to PAGASA's forecast. Baguio's coldest temperature is at 10 degrees Celsius while Tagaytay's is at 17 degrees Celsius. The presence of Tropical Depression Auring that is inside the country is adding to the cold temperature.

Don't get me wrong. I actually love the cool weather we have right now. It just makes me a little scared on how the climate gets too cold during this season and too hot in the summer. This could be just one of the effects of what we humans have done to Mother Earth. I hope it's not yet too soon to treat our environmental problems.

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