Thursday, January 22

This Can't Be Happening, But Then

Being a diabetic, I am so used to visiting the hospital now and then. I am grateful that I grew up having enjoyed the benefits of a health card. In our country, it pays to be insured. I equate not having a health card with horror stories in the hospital. In a hospital emergency room, the admitting nurse usually asks for the details of the patient's medical insurer. Oftentimes, when the patient is not insured, poor service is expected.

I read a write up recently about long waits in the emergency room. Daniel Neumeister cites an article that long ER queues are caused by the hospital administrators themselves. The available beds are usually reserved for the paying patients. Neumeister thinks otherwise. He reasons out that the dwindling number of health care professionals in the States could be the root cause of the problem.

I will not say anything regarding their current state of health care. What I am sure of is that, in our country, both the financial state of the patient and the lack of medical staff are just one of the causes of long queues in our local hospitals' emergency rooms.

For more ideas on hospital management and mental health services, head over to the profile page of Dan P Neumeister. Also, Dan Neumeister can be found here on Wordpress.

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