Thursday, January 22

Thankful Thursday 2009 #3

This week has been another one of those weeks that just passed by without me noticing it. Time flew fast for me lately. I guess I was just too busy.

Still, I will never forget to thank My Lord for the wonderful week that was. Today I am especially thankful that my dad is finally sitting up with help from my mom and brother. Yesterday, I saw him already sitting on a couch in the garage. At least he finally had a few hours outside the house, his first in a month. Yes, it's exactly a month when he had his stroke. I know he's feeling better now. I also know that he's praying that God will heal him in His time. He even told me that he promised the Lord that we will sing as a family in the church choir once he gets better.

What are you thankful for this week? Write about it by joining this meme.

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