Wednesday, January 21

Brushing Up On My Math

It's almost the end of the school year once again. During this time of the year, we usually get a lot of clients asking for tutorial services. Well, basically, most of our parent clients feel like it is the end of the world when they only have barely two months to go before their children receive their final marks. They mostly panic after receiving the not so favorable report card marks after the second trimester or second grading period. Most of the students that come in during this time are graduating high school students needing help in Math and Science subjects.

In our tutorial center, where my mom, me, and my other four siblings are the tutors, I delegate clients to the tutor who is most experienced in the subject. My brother and my sister usually get their hands full during this time of the year because of this. Yes, I cannot teach high school Math and Science subjects yet. I am not that confident with my teaching skills in those subjects yet as I feel the need to brush up on my Math. I guess I will need to buy the cheapest college textbooks I can find and self-study for a while. Hopefully, I can teach Math to the older students once I get to improve my Math teaching skills.

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