Sunday, January 4

Hello New Year, Goodbye Bedbugs!

If the Westerners have what they call "Spring Cleaning", we Filipinos have "New Year's Eve Cleaning". Don't you agree?

Part of our Filipino New Year traditions is doing cleaning one's home thoroughly before the New Year arrives. Our Chinese heritage taught us that getting the house clean and sparkling just in time for the New Year gets rid of bad luck. I really am not a fan of superstitions but this one is not so bad after all. Come to think of it, cleaning the house gets rid of bacteria and viruses that are bad for the health. Isn't getting sick bad luck after all?

I have started cleaning our home with the help of my house helper even before the holidays started. I made it ready for our relatives who came over from the province for Christmas. They left a few days after Christmas because they had to welcome 2009 in their own home. We needed to do some after Christmas cleaning after they left.

I have asked my house help to focus on the mattresses and pillows. We changed our bed covers and pillow cases. We brought the pillows out and exposed it to sunlight. I sprayed a dust mite and bedbug solution on our mattress before it got covered up with a fresh sheet. The last thing I would like to have are bedbugs and bedbug bites.

You might be wondering why this paranoia of bedbug bites. First, a bedbug bite does not feel good and is not a good sight, too. Unlike a mosquito bite that just gets itchy for a while, a bedbug bite is itchy and painful at the same time. And for a diabetic like me, the bite gets dark and the infection may last for a couple of weeks. I have even read that extreme bedbug biting incidents leave victims with anemia! See what this bad critters can do?

How's your New Year cleaning so far? I hope you did not forget to check for signs of bedbugs in your mattress and pillows.

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