Thursday, December 4

Thankful Thursday # 1

Finally, I decided to join the Thankful Thursday meme.

I have always been grateful of what I have. Looking back, I have come a long way from the life I have known when I was younger. I know I cannot have all of these without the help of the One up above and of the people He used as instruments of His grace.

This week, I am thankful ...

... that my son is well and that today is his last day of medication for the viral infection that he got last week. I really feel bad when my son is not feeling well. I am also thankful that his teachers let him take the quizzes that he missed.

... that I had an extra day off last Monday from work since it was a holiday here in the Philippines. I used the day to tweak my sister's blog layout and to do some home cleaning as well.

... for the Christmas gifts that we have started to receive this early from friends and relatives and from my husband's company.

... for my cousin who gave me a huge discount on the fruitcakes and packs of food for the gods that I ordered from her.

... that I was able to finally finish the level in 7 Wonders of The Ancient World that I have been playing on the PSP since August! Wee!

... that my husband and son comes home safe and sound.

What are you thankful for this week? Write about them by joining this meme.

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