Friday, December 5

Something's Wrong Inside Of Me... I Think

Of all people, it is I who should know my body best. I think something's wrong inside of me. Lately, I have been feeling shots of pain on the right side of my lower abdomen. I initially suspected appendicitis but the other usual symptoms ares not present in me. I panicked a little because my brother has just undergone a laparoscopy to remove his stone infested gallbladder. My symptoms are also quite different from what he had experienced.

Last Friday, I finally had the luxury of time to visit a doctor. Being uncertain of my symptoms, I decided that I go to my OB-Gyne first to have my ovaries checked. I think the pain may be connected to my polycystic ovaries. My symptoms are quite the same with what I have read from the net. They were not positive reads, though. Most of them were pointing to ovarian cancer already.

I underwent a pap smear exam which I was thankful for because the last one I had was way back in 2005. Since I just had my period, my doctor advised me to wait for December for my next period to happen before I get my ultrasound. If it doesn't, I need to take Duphaston again to induce bleeding. Hay, the story of my life.

I will receive my pap smear results today and I'll keep you posted on updates. The painful attacks are not frequent and bothersome now by the way.

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