Friday, December 5

Heal The World Starts With H

I am sharing a funny scene from work today. Again, these kind of moments make me appreciate my work as a teacher.

Remember my Filipino-Japanese student Naoya? Just recently, we had to change his schedule because his mom wanted for him to have longer sessions. His basal reading skills have shown great improvement compared to when we started. He just needs enrichment activities to further hone his reading comprehension.

I couldn't squeeze in a longer session for him in my schedule so I had to delegate my brother, Lucky, to handle his sessions. This funny scene actually happened during one of their first sessions.

Naoya had homework that day and he needed to color a page in his book. He was singing Michael Jackson's "Heal The World" to himself while coloring the pictures in his book. This was the song that his class performed during his school's United Nations Day program a few weeks back.

Naoya showing off his name in Japanese writing.

Lucky may have found it cute that he got his digital camera and filmed a vidoe of Naoya's singing. When the child noticed that he was being filmed, he stopped. To make him sing again, my brother asked, "Ano nga yang kanta mo?" (What was that song again?) Naoya went on with his coloring minus the singing. Again, in a desperate attempt to make him sing the song again, Lucky asked, "Paano nga ang simula nun?" (How does it start?) And in a cool and connfident tone, the cute little boy blurted out "H!"

I was laughing out loud while watching the video. Guess Naoya's got a point. "Heal The World" does start with the letter H!

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