Tuesday, November 25

What's With The Weather?

The sun was shining brightly this morning then all of a sudden everything became gloomy. Five minutes before I exit my front door for work, heavy rains fall. I get myself all geared up and ready for the wet and cold ride to Pasig. Then after a few minutes, the sun decides to shine brightly again. I reach my place of work and started to teach by one o' clock. Around 2:30 p.m., the rains start falling again couple with thunderstorm and lightning. My student and I watch by the window to see people without umbrellas running for shelter. Some even went inside my place to take cover. The rains probably took them by surprise. A few minutes went past before the sun came out shining again. I was so puzzled with the weather yesterday. My body was a little out of sync, too. I suffered a migraine and had the initial sensations of nausea but I popped a pill in my mouth as soon as I recognized the symptoms.

As I ended up my workday, I called home and was notified that Rap was feverish. My helper told me that my boy was not feeling well and even vomited on the ride home. I think the weather also made him feel that way. I can just imagine how he went out of his airconditioned classroom to the sunny parking lot where his school service is waiting and the rains poured. Even the weather dimy son was not spared from feeling well yesterday.

It got me thinking a lot. What's with the weather? Is the weather telling us something? Is it starting to knock our heads to make us realize the huge mistakes that we have done with the environment? It gives me the shivers thinking about it. What about you?

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