Tuesday, November 25

The Flat Belly Diet... Is It For Me?

I have skipped going to the gym for two weeks now. I had my period in the first week and I had to prepare reviewers for my students last week. I feel bloated, guilty, and bad. I felt worse when I stepped on the scale and read that I gained two pounds! Usually, when I skip working out, I don't gain a pound but just maintain my last recorded weight in pounds. This is the first time in my two years of trying seriously to lose weight that I see the tip of the scale go up. What to do? I'm in a state of panic.

I stopped taking Orlistat a few months ago. I read in the package insert that you can only take the medication for not more than two years. It served me well. I think that it's time to stop and just lose weight the hard way. That's why my husband and I enrolled in the gym. Hopefully, this Christmas vacation and next year when I stop teaching, I will get to have more time to spend working out just like I did two years ago.

For the meantime, I will try the Flat Belly Diet to lose weight especially in the belly area. I watch my waistline closely. I'm glad to say that from 40 inches in 2006, I'm now down to 32 inches. It is still a long way down to 27 inches (which was my waistline before I gave birth to Rap) but the change does make me feel good. Belly fat is closely related to heart diseases that is why I need to make my waist slimmer.

I'm still in the discovery phase of the Flat Belly Diet. Hopefully, my registration gets approved so I can have full access to the diet's details online. The diet was developed by the editor of Prevention Magazine. Basically, it tells you that it is okay to have fats in the diet just as long as it is healthy. Healthy fats are the Monounsaturated Fatty Acids or MUFAs. The good news is, as you can see in the embedded image below, all of my favorite food are in there! Yep, even dark chocolate! According to new research, MUFAs can actually make you lose weight which is the exact opposite of what unhealthy and saturated fats do to the body.

So I will keep you posted once I get my full copy of the diet. You can count on me to share my updates on my new adventures with the Flat Belly Diet.


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