Friday, September 12

The World Reads Me!

In the lower right side bar panel of blog is a Feedjit widget that provides a world map of my site's live traffic feed. I placed the widget sometime in July as part of my assessment of my blog's readership. I am seriously contemplating on getting my own domain in the world wide web but I'm still weighing the advantages and disadvantages. Maintaining a Blogger site is free of charge. I need to see if I have a wide readership enough to convince me to get myself my own domain.

Everday, the Feedjit map surprises me. My IP address registers as Manila, Manila and Dadijun's office IP address registers as Atlanta, Georgia. Now, I am seeing visitors from as near as Hongkong to the distant ones as Slovakia and Chile! I think I have to put the Babel translation widget back in the sidebar.


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