Sunday, September 28

Healthy Soup on a Rainy Night

Toni recently shared her Fat Burning Soup on her blog. I found it delicious just by looking at the picture. It's a vegetable soup of tomato juice, carrots, celery, green bell peppers, onions, and tomatoes. As a fat burning diet, one should take only that as main meals for 7 days. Other vegetables, fruits, and meat can be eaten as the week progress. Being diabetic, I couldn't do that (and I guess my doctor wouldn't advise that, too). I just couldn't have flash diets not unless I want my hormones to go haywire again.

Moving on...

I was a little stranded on the way home last Thursday. Just when I was going home, on my "carless" day(or night), heavy rains started to pour. It took me a while to get a ride home. The traffic in Ortigas Ave. Ext. was at its worst that night. My normal 20-minute ride home took an hour and a half. I thought that was the last of the unfortunate events that I would endure that night. A few kilometers before my stop, I noticed that the entire avenue was flooded. Eeep! I can't get off on the flooded corner leading to the tricycle terminal where I can get my ride to our village. I chose to get off at Robinson's Cainta instead. I thought of buying the ingredients needed to make the soup while I was passing through the supermarket en route to the parking lot behind the mall. I got home around 8 pm but I still made the soup for me and Dadijun who was also stranded somewhere in C5. Rap's not really fond of tomato-based dishes and just had his "PriKaKnorr" meal that night.

I modified the soup a little to suit my taste. Here's how I did my version:


4 medium-sized green bell peppers
4 big carrots
3 large onions
6 large tomatoes
1 quart of tomato juice
4 Knorr beef broth cubes for soup stock
2 bunches of celery
some basil, oregano, white pepper, Knorr seasoning, and salt to taste


Wash vegetables and chop coarsely. While chopping, boil water for your soup stock. Don't fill to the brim, leave enough space for the tomato juice. Dissolve the beef broth cubes in a little water and mix with the water in the pot.

When the water's already boiling. Put all ingredients in except the celery leaves. Season according to taste and wait for it to boil. Add the celery leaves just before serving. Do not overcook your veggies.

Serve and enjoy!

This was just what I had for dinner that night. It was surprisingly filling. I have to warn you though that you will feel gassy after eating this. Probably because it's high fiber.

I cooked a large batch so I will just need to reheat them. I was able to have 6 more servings for freezing aside from the 2 servings that Dadijun and I had. The following day, I had one big bowl for breakfast and another one for lunch. I had to eat it with some bread for lunch, though. It was another big bowl again for dinner. Yesterday, I had one big bowl for breakfast. Lunch was rice, fish, and pureed soup. Yesp, you can puree the soup in the blender for some variety. I think I'll be having the soup regularly but not as a fat burning diet but just for more fiber.

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