Thursday, October 2

Surgery V.S. Gall Stone Flush

No, I don't have gall stones. As of this moment, my brother is probably in the recovery room at The New Medical City after his gallbladder operation. It was a total surprise to all of us that he would succumb to such an operation. There were no other prior symptoms days before he went to the hospital last Monday. He just woke up Monday morning with an intense pain in the right side of the upper abdomen and his back as well. He said he thought that it was just because the electric fan in his room was directly facing his back but the pain was so great that it made him cry. My older sister, whom he lives with, brought him to the hospital in no time. There it was diagnosed that he has gall stones.

Today, they informed me that a Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy will be done to remove his gall bladder. There were two options given to us regarding the removal of his gall bladder. This procedure is simpler than the traditional gall bladder surgery. The doctors promised us that since there will only be 4 small cuts to be done, my brother's recovery will be faster. With the laparoscope inserted to his abdomen to his abdomen through one of the small cuts, there will be no need to open him up with bigger incisions.

I have received an email in the past containing the recipe of the Gall Stone Flush. This, according to the email, is a non-surgical way of removing gall stones. I personally would have opposed to my brother's gall bladder surgery. I was concerned about the the future effects of not having a gall bladder. The doctor told us that it's okay to remove the gall bladder because it's just a storage for bile from the liver. I was silently thinking "So why remove it when it has a function?" (But my brother decided to go on and have the operation. I can't make the decision for him anyway.)

You see, without the gall bladder, excess bile from the liver will just leak inside the body. Bile is needed to break down fats during the digestion process. The liver will still produce bile even if there is no gall bladder. The problem is when my brother needs a large amount of bile needed to break down large amounts of fats in his diet, there will be no stored bile enough for his immediate digestion need.

I don't believe that not having a gall bladder will not have long term effects. Of course, it will. He has to watch what he eats now. I guess, he needs to cut down on fatty food now that he will not have an adequate supply of bile. I wish he had read about the recipe first before going under the knife. Still, I can't blame him for choosing the fastest option to get rid of the pain.

Read more about the Gall Stone Flush (or Cleanse) here. Please know that I am sharing the link not because I strongly advocate it. I just want more people to have other options. Do your own research, too.

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