Saturday, September 27

Filipino Blog of the Week

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**This blog is nominated again for week 127.

My chatbox greeted me with a pleasant surprise this afternoon. In it was a message from talksmart informing me that my blog is nominated for his blog's weekly contest, Filipino Blog of the Week. Honestly, I didn't know that such a contest exists. I also didn't know how my blog came to be nominated. Whether an anonymous reader or whether it was talksmart's random choice is of no importance at all. What matters is that my blog, after its three years of existence in the blogging world, is now receiving attention. I am so thankful and I feel proud to be chosen.

Now I'm asking you, my dear readers, to vote for my blog. As I understood its mechanics, an IP address can only vote once a day but the voting period goes on for an entire week. Just go to talksmart's page and look for the poll located somewhere in his blog's sidebar. Vote for mauieflores and that's it! What will I get from all of this if ever my blog wins? Well, I get to post the badge to show off to the rest of the world! Of course, I will be forever grateful to you and in return I promise to write more interesting posts for your reading pleasure!

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