Friday, September 26

Yacon with Bagoong

Tried eating yacon lately?

Teacher Julie suggested that I try eating yacon because it's good for a diabetic like me. Ate Net also told me to buy some weeks ago. I was fortunate to find some at the supermarket this weekend. It looked like a camote but I heard it tasted like singkamas (turnips). I read that it is being referred to as the "Apple of the Earth" because it's a root crop that tastes like apples.

I think it looked more like a large ginger when I peeled it. Rap was very curious about how it tasted and played around with it. I sliced one into thin pieces and ate it like it was a turnip. It was sweet and crunchy. I was able to read some posts in making yacon salad. I plan to do so soon. Dadijun suggested that we put bagoong in it. I think it tasted great. The saltiness of bagoong complements the yacon's sweetness well.

I will be trying more yacon recipes in the future. I think it does helped me in managing my blood sugar. Just a few days after I ate some, my monthly period came without me even needing to induce it. That meant that my hormonal levels are in a more normal state than usual. I just wish that yacon would be less expensive so that it can fit in our weekly budget. The two pieces I bought already cost me 67 pesos. Still, I think it's way cheaper than me buying daily diabetes meds for maintenance.

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