Tuesday, July 15

Dear Diary

I got hold of my old journals last week. When my sister finally moved out of my parents' house in April this year, the bachelors, Toto and Lucky, took over our room. It was my cue to salvage everything that was left of my things when I was still living there. I wouldn't want them to read the juicy entries in my journals! Juicy daw o! Hahaha! Now all four of them are nestled somewhere in my own bookshelf in my own house. I read some bits and pieces from my old journals. I almost died of embarrassment from myself! It's funny to read how foolish I was those days. Ang sarap talaga ng buhay noon. Puro school, boys, and allowance lang ang problema! I also got to read the last journal that I kept that was the one when I met my husband. Kilig moments ito! I felt I love him even more after reading our past dates and his love letters. I also read the entry when we learned that I was already pregnant with Rap! It's the blogging world's fault that I somehow failed to maintain my journal. Or maybe I just got so preoccupied with family and work. Now, I keep a small journal in my bag. I realized that there are just some things that I can't write about online. Iba pa rin ang feeling when I write on an actual journal. It's more spontaneous because I don't have to edit what I write and I don't have to be conscious about spelling and grammar. It's still more personal and intimate.

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