Wednesday, July 16

Happy Birthday, Ate Net!

I know it would be rude to write about my Ate Net's age but I think there's an 8 year difference between us so go figure! You're probably thinking who my Ate Net is? My mom says she really is the panganay in our family but actually she's a niece of my father who lived with us for ten years. My mom helped send her to college. In return, she took care of us and our house. Lately, my mom's favorite line is : "Hay naku, nung nasa atin pa si Ate Net niyo, prinsesa ako!" Because she really took care of EVERYTHING! Most of our friends even think that she's related to my mom more than my dad. She's more Bicolana na raw than a Bisaya. We also tease Lucky, my youngest brother, that he's only adopted and he's a son of Ate Net out of wedlock. Hahahaha, ang bad namin ano? Now, she's living with her mom and youngest sister. She was able to graduate and send her siblings to college. In doing so, she set aside her own plans and is still living a life of single blessedness up to now.

So, to our dear Ate Net, here's to happier and more fruitful years ahead! Goodkarma comes to people like you, remember that!

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