Sunday, June 29

Sing a Song

People who have known me since birth know that I do have the passion for singing. As far as I can remember, I think that people started to discover that I sing when I volunteered to sing the "Hail Mary" song way back in Kindergarten class. From there, a teacher who was volunteering for Asilo de San Vicente de Paul (an orphanage sponsored by the Vincentian fathers who operate our school, Adamson University) asked my parents to allow me to sing in one of their programs. Ms. Flores eventually became my mentor and was the one who entered my name in inter-school contests and programs until she went abroad.

In Grade 1, I won a gold medal that came with free voice lessons to the Center for Pop Music under Mr. Butch Albarracin. I think my parents were not able to afford the fees for further voice lessons after the package that I won. Luckily, I was accepted in our Grade School Choral Group and the weekly rehearsals gave me my free voice lessons! We were always joining singing competitions. Naturally, the HS Choral Group became the first club I signed into the moment I entered High School. The group also joined a lot of singing competitions. We were also asked to sing at the PICC for former President Cory Aquino's farewell program.

Our HS choirmaster, Mrs. Tess Cervero, was also the one who invited me and my sister to join our parish choral group. The youth choir eventually became known as the St. Vincent de Paul Parish M.U.S.I.C. Ministry (Movement of the United Students in Christ) which was spearheaded by Kuya Val Jovero and our choirmaster Kuya Fred Gagaza (who are now Rap's godfathers). This is the group where I can honestly say that I felt at home. This is where I was able to make lasting friendships and also where I experienced my first heartaches. The group lasted for 11 years. Kuya Fred and Kuya Val became busy with work. Ate France, also Rap's godmother, passed away in 2004 from lung cancer. We eventually had to move on. It was hard to get the group out of my system at first. I admit that it was hard for me to hear mass with me sitting in the pews with the regular churchgoers and not in the choir stand. Every Sunday was a struggle because for 11 years, I had been accustomed to singing in the 6 pm and 7 pm masses in our parish.

Now, I don't get the chance to sing in public anymore. It's now more of a hobby than a habit for me. I'm thankful that my son shares the same passion with me. Yes, he sings, and he has the ear for singing. I'm planning in enrolling him soon in voice lessons so he will know how to use his vocal chords properly. We often sing with our Magic Sing especially when there are celebrations. A regular duet of ours is "The Prayer" by Josh Groban and Charlotte Church. Recently, I discovered Singsnap.Com where singers can record their songs and save it in their accounts. The recordings can also be embedded in their personal websites. I tried so sing some songs and posted it in my Friendster page. I had fun singing because it's just like singing videoke. Here's a recent recording that I have made...

I'll be waiting for your own recordings. Hope you have as much fun as I did.

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