Wednesday, June 18


ndI finally had the luxury of time to consult a doctor last Saturday. I have been suffering from cough and colds since last month. It got me so worried because I need to be well before my tutorial sessions start. I don't want to be an agent of the virus/bacteria to my students. Ralph has also been coughing again for a week now. It started after his swimming competition in the first week of June. He probably got so tired from the daily training and his resistance to disease was primarily affected.

We went to The Medical City Satellite Clinic at Robinson's Cainta. I was seen by Dr. Joseph Macalla, a practitioner of Family Medicine. He subjected me to a chest x-ray and PPD (tuberculin test) since he said my work is high-risk for tuberculosis and he just wants it ruled-out. For those who are not familiar with the process of PPD, a tuberculin serum is injected into the skin. The results are read after 48 to 72 hours. The area on my skin developed a small red lump right after the injection. I had to return last yesterday to the doctor's clinic so he could observe the reaction of my skin to the serum. I googled the procedure and discovered that a negative result should be a small lump with a diameter of around ten millimeters. I kept on measuring mine and, luckily, it has not reached more than that. That's what my doctor also told me. He just advised me to continue my mucolytic and antihistamine medications. His assessment was that I might be allergic to smoke and dust and that's whats making me cough. I was also advised to take multivitamins.

I'm glad that at last I know that my cough's nothing much to be worried about. After days of taking my medications, I have been coughing less than before. The small lump is still on my skin, though. I just don't know if it will disappear after a while.

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