Monday, April 21

My Sister's Wedding

Finally... All the hardwork for the past three months paid off. My sister's wedding last April 19 was a success (except that we had a slight rice shortage during the reception, hehehe!)


As Matron of Honor, I was responsible for organizing the event from the gowns to the invitations and RSVP calls, the souvenirs, the mass, and the reception. My sister, her husband, and I went countless of times to Divisoria, Quiapo, and Taytay for the raw materials that we needed.

It was a low-budgeted Filipiniana wedding but we splurged on the food and the photography and videography of course. The food was catered but my brother-in-law's parents had one pig slaughtered to add viands to the buffet. Sa dami ng ulam, kinulang tuloy ang kanin! Hahaha! Ate Do's photographer friend (from the studio beside their store in Galleria) did the photo and video coverage. I'm sure the photos will be a hit! Elmer's (the photographer) style was unique and uso. Ate Do's hair and make-up was courtesy of my cousin Kuya Arnel (who was a make-up artist of Fanny Serrano's salon and Judy Ann Santos). He's also Ate Do's ninong (or should I say ninang?). Since she had to dress here in my house, I also had my hair and make-up done by Kuya Arnel (o di ba!) as well as Mama and Mama Babes (my mother-in-law who is a ninang). And since my sister had to do her pictorial in our bedroom, I had to clean up everything the night before and even scrubbed the walls to make it look fresh. We bought a new comforter just to make the beddings go well with my tangerine curtains (ang taray no?) and have the hotel room feel.

I designed the gowns and we bought the gold cloth and silver organza from Taytay where clothing materials are cheap. Manay, my mother's older sister, and my cousin Ate Lorna made the gowns. Ate Do's gown was ordered from a stall along Tabora in Divisoria. Her Maria Clara inspired gown was priced at Php 4,500 inclusive of the heart-shaped pillows that carried the coins and rings, cord, veil, tiara, and pouch. It was made of piƱa and embroidered with silver beads. My mother's Victorina gown was bought from the same area, ready-made, at Php 1,000!


The flowers we ordered from a stall in Dangwa. We only paid Php 2,000 for everything meaning the bridal bouquet of roses, the bouquet that was thrown, my bouquet and 3 more bouquets of the bridesmaids, wrist corsages of the secondary sponsors, petals for the flower girls, the bouquet for the bridal car (our brand-new Tucson), and 16 pairs of rose corsages for the principal sponsors and parents of the bride and groom.

The souvenirs were also bought in Divisoria. For the ninongs and ninangs, since the wedding's theme was Filipiniana, we bought small old-fashioned glass lamps (lampara) for Php 20 a piece that came with ribbons and trimmings showing off the gold and silver motif of the wedding. For all the other guests we bought sandalwood fans for Php 15 a piece. I printed the tags on special paper and we attached them to the souvenirs with gold and silver ribbons.

The misalette was in pure Tagalog! It took me a couple of weeks to finish everything. I was lucky that I found a sample misallete in Tagalog from the internet. I made the misalette thru MS Publisher, printed it, and made copies thru our photocopying machine. Lucky was supposed to play the piano during the mass but he's one of the candle sponsors so I had to search midi files of liturgical songs, converted them to mp3, and burned the copies in an audio CD that I played during the mass. I sang the songs throughout the mass with my former choirmates.


The wedding, as inexpensive as it turned out, was still memorable as we planned it to be. Family and friends were there to share the moment with the newlyweds. The college sweethearts are now officially Mr. & Mrs. Gene and Doreen Maglaya!

UPDATE: The template of the Tagalog wedding misalette is posted HERE.

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Makoy said...

do extend my congratulations! ei.. you look sexy na!

Anonymous said...

helo po,
pd po makahinge ng copy ng tagalog misalette?...gagmitin ko po sana sa golden wedding ng aking mga magulang.

Anonymous said...

helo po,
pd po makahinge ng copy ng tagalog misalette?...gagmitin ko po sana sa golden wedding ng aking mga magulang.

Guadz_rv said...

Pls help me to have a sample of tagalog misalette for my wedding.
Next week n po ang wedding ko Dec 17.
Our church did not allow me to use my sample n English missalette  kya need ko to revise.Hope you could help me, pls send it or   .thanks in advance.
 God bless!!
 Best regards,

Mauie Flores said...

The misalette is posted here: