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Thursday, December 8

Tagalog wedding misalette template  

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There have been numerous requests for me to share the Tagalog wedding misalette that we used in my sister's wedding back in 2008. I know how difficult it is to find a Tagalog misalette (moreso a Tagalog wedding misalette) in the Internet.

Just today, another reader emailed me asking for a copy but I can't find my file in my laptop! I dunno if I transferred the file to my external hard drive or what. Fortunately, I found an attachment of the Tagalog wedding misalette which I sent another reader back in May. I decided to upload the .pdf file in Scribd before I totally lose a copy. I'm also embedding it here so those who need it can easily download and print from Scribd.

Tagalog Wedding Misalette Template

You will need to access Scribd through your Facebook account to download or print the Tagalog wedding misalette template. Just click the title above the embedded misalette to be redirected to the Scribd page. Also, since I created the misalette with MS Publisher, the template is already in booklet format so you'll notice that the parts are not displayed in order. Just refer to the page numbers at the lower corners of each page.

Hope this helps!

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