Monday, January 28

Factory Defects

Last January 19, I went back to my OB-Gyne and found out the results of the blood tests I had in January 7. It showed that my blood sugar was normal but my resistance to insulin is way above the limit. That's the reason why I'm not ovulating. Diabetes sucks. I've been battling this disease nearly half of my life, it's just now that I'm feeling so bad about it.

My doctor told me to lose at least 15 pounds more in 6 months. My carbohydrate intake in a day is now reduced to 1/2 cup rice a day or any carbo equal to that. That just for at least two months... hopefully. I need to go back to walking an hour a day. No softdrinks, cheesecake, ice cream, pizza, pasta, chocolates, and everything that keeps me sane in times of emergency. Life is really a bummer nowadays. I'm taking my diabetes medications faithfully everyday. Even at times when they make me feel nauseaous and sleepy.

In January 20, a day after I started my low-carbohydrate diet, I started to have high-grade erratic fever. I got chills that made my body ache so much. After the chills, I sweat a lot and had to change clothes ever so often. It was just a cycle of 39 degree fever - 10-minute chills - cold sweat for days. January 22, after being convinced that it wasn't influenza, Daddyjun brought me to the nearest Medical City clinic in Ever Ortigas. I had routine CBC tes, Torniquet Test, and urinalysis. The Torniquet Test showed that I was negative for Dengue Fever. It was supported by the platelet count shown in my CBC test results. But the Urinalysis and blood test show that I have been having an infection, losing so much blood and protein through my urine. I was anemic, too. Before this episode I had my menstruation induced and I have experienced heavy bleeding 2 days prior to Sunday.

My doctor (whom I have assessed to be overly insensitive and conceited) told me that I have a kidney impairment. He even said, "Ang bata mo pa para mag-dialysis." Ano, kamo? Urinalysis pa lang ang nakita niyang result kidney impairment na agad ang diagnosis? I was cursing him in my mind. If I just felt stronger then, I could have strangled him with my bare hands and shouted "don't f#$% with my mind a-hole"! The nerve of that doctor! Masama na nga ang pakiramdam mo, pa-praningin ka pa. Buti sana kung dalaga pa ako at walang anak eh! As if I'm that stupid to believe him!

Anyways, he requested a creatinine test and kidney ultrasound done with me just to rule out his diagnosis. It could have been that he saw the disgusted look on my face. And he gave me antibiotics and cranberry capsules to treat the infection. What kind of infection was I having? He said UTI. Ang gulo ni Doc no? Ano po ba talaga, UTI lang ba talaga o kelangan ko na magpa-dialysis? Bobo talaga!

Today, I received the creatinine test results and it showed that my creatinine level is normal. That means I have no kidney problem. How did I know? I googled it of course! Hindi yata ako tanga tulad nung doktor na yun. Kakahiya, clinic pa naman ng Medical City. I will have a repeat CBC and urinalysis tomorrow, exactly a week after I started on antibiotics. I'm assured that little or no bacteria will be found this time.

I'm feeling better and stronger now. I started to be more conscious of what I eat now. Daddyjun told me to stop cutting my carbohydrate intake while I'm taking antibiotics. But I really lost my appetite for days. During that one week, I lost 4 pounds, which was bad because with rigid fitness training and diet you can only lose up to 2 pounds in a week. That may be the reason why I felt so weak. Now, I have started to eat full meals instead of just crackers and water. I plan to do this (still with 1/2 cup of rice a day) just until this week while I'm still recuperating.

Sabi ni Daddyjun, ibabalik na raw niya ako sa Nanay ko kasi dumadami na ang factory defects ko. Hehehe... Wawa naman ako.

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