Tuesday, January 15

Eight Years of Marriage!

Today we are celebrating our eight year anniversary. We're officially past their so-called "7th year itch".

Contrary to what other people think, we are not always a perfect couple. What they always see is a picture of marriage bliss. They see us like a couple who's always goofing around, smiling and laughing at each other's jokes every single minute of the day. But we do have our petty quarrels and arguments. I've become irritable too many times. Maybe I'm just tired from work and I just had so many things to do with so little time. Maybe it's because of the hormonal imbalance I'm having. Or maybe it's just because I feel that I can be my true self when I'm with him. That I can be a bitch on bad days because I know he will always understand. I hope he does always. And I do hope he knows that I'm truly sorry for all my shortcomings. That I'm always trying to make up for everything because I know he does everything for us and he doesn't deserve an ounce of bitchiness from me.

I thank God for giving the most perfect person for me. I found myself a bestfriend and a good and responsible husband. He has accepted me for who I am and who I am not. He fills my weakest spot and gives me strength and confidence to overcome my fears. He brings out the best in me, always. It's my constant prayer that we be together always.

I love you more... always, Dadijun! Happy 8th Anniversary!

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