Saturday, November 3

Calamares for Raprap

Calamares is one of Ralph's favorite foods. He always asks me to cook this for him. Lately, I've been too busy to cook for him. Since it is still vacation time until tomorrow for the two of us, I cooked calamares for our dinner tonight.

The usual calamares (or fried breaded squid) should look like fried squid rings. I always cut the squid into rings until we tried the "strip style" that we always buy at a food stall in Ever Gotesco Ortigas. This time around, I decided to cut the squid into strips. I also used Pusit Bisaya. There are two variants of squid in the grocery: Pusit Bisaya and Pusit Lumot. Pusit Bisaya is long and small while Pusit Lumot is fat and big and is usually used for grilling.

After thoroughly washing the squid, I sliced it into half and peeled off its thin skin. My father told me that doing so will prevent the meat from being tough. Then, I sliced the meat into strips.

Next, I seasoned the squid with ginisa mix and mixed it thouroughly. If it's for pulutan, I usually add some chili flakes for additional spice!

Then, I put in some flour to the meat. Putting in flour helps make it dry. This will make the egg stick to the squid more later on.

After this, I beat 2 eggs and dipped the squid strips into it.

Then, I rolled the strips in Japanese bread crumbs and fried them in hot canola oil.

It is a success according to my prime critic, the great Ralpititoy Flores. Just look at the big bite my little boy took!

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