Sunday, October 28

Baguio, here we come!

Daddyjun gets to enjoy a 4-day stay at the company vacation house once very 2 years. We booked our stay as early as January just to make sure that we can stay during the school break for Rap's sake. The initial plan was for us to spend the Halloween with both sides of the family. However, my mom and dad cannot able to make it because it's baranggay election day tomorrow and my dad is a candidate for Kagawad. Ate Cel had to rest and Dong had to stay with her in Naga. Cristy can't take a vacation leave since she's relatively new in her company, Clyde had to stay home with her maternal lola.

So tonight, ten of us will be taking the 12MN bus to Baguio via Victory Liner. That means me, Daddyjun, Rap, Mama Babes, Tita Ops, Megan, Olec, Lucky, Ate Do, and Jene. Toto and Lloyd were obliged to vote first thing tomorrow before boarding the 1PM bus.

By 10pm, our service cabs will be arriving to take us to the terminal. We're so excited to leave na! Our stay will surely be worth the wait. Ate Do prepared an itinerary plus a booklet with all the information about the places we'll visit. Not to mention that we will also be celebrating Lucky's 18th birthday (which is today).

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