Sunday, November 18

Our Banchetto Experience

I wake up everyday at 5 in the morning to prepare Rap's baon and breakfast. To make me more alert, I usually turn the TV on. Usually at this time of the day GMA 7 and ABS-CBN 2 play re-runs of their shows. (Sidenote: wala pa ring cable dito sa village namin, help naman po Sky Cable!)


So that morning I decided to watch the re-run of "Kay Susan Tayo" and it featured a Saturday morning street fiesta right in the middle of F. Ortigas Ave. (formerly Emerald Ave.) in Ortigas Complex. It caught my attention because the street fiesta starts at 2 am until 1 pm every Saturday. I then planned to go there with Daddyjun after we send Rap to St. Paul Pasig for his MTAP training.

Yesterday, was Rap's first MTAP session. MTAP stands for Mathematics Teachers Association of the Philippines and they train mathematically talented students nationwide for 5 consecutive Saturdays. My Raprap is one of the Grade 1 students sent by Lourdes School of Mandaluyong. (Ehem!)

From St. Paul we headed straight to F. Ortigas Ave. to satisfy my curiosity about the place. We didn't have a hard time finding it because it was really set up along F. Ortigas Ave., just in front of the Strata building. We ordered a quarter pounder burger with cheese for 70 pesos, a sausage in bun for 60 pesos (I forgot the name of the sausage kasi it's hard to pronounce, basta it's not German nor Hungarian.), and spaghetti with 2 big meatballs for 80 pesos. We bought some drinks from Ministop that's just a few steps away and settled on a bench in the park just right across the site.

It was quite an expensive breakfast compared to the usual breakfast meal at Mc Do or Jollibee. But it's worth the experience. It's really like a street fiesta, ang daming tao. Most of them are call center agents. Lalo na raw in the wee hours of the morning. There's also a tiangge there. I'm thinking nga of getting a stall eh but I still have to consult my mother-in-law on that. (We have a stall at Ever Gotesco Pasig btw.)

Here are the pictures I took...

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