Saturday, August 11

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I'm back to my blogging self. The last time I blogged was about our house blessing and that was 3 months ago. It's Saturday, 6:30 in the morning, Rap's sleeping, Daddy Jun's at work, and I have the peace and quiet of our room all to myself.

I've been thinking of blogging again as early as last week, I just didn't find the time to do so. I've been prearing reviewers for my Grade 5 student and worksheets for my preschoolers. I wasn't able to add a few paragraphs to my thesis. Glad I found the time to write about this because I really had to spill it out of my head.

Last week, I met with my Nana Pining at our Granmama's Foodstop Arlegui branch. I ordered a new cellphone for Junin and bought one for Lucky, too. A block away from our canteen is the canteen of a first cousin and his family. Sad to say, the couple's having problems in their marriage and the children are suffering. The eldest son, as I was informed, is suffering from nervous breakdown because of the stress he's into. He's now staying with his aunt in Sta. Ana, Manila. Two children are with another aunt in Bicol. The fourth one, a baby girl, is still with the parents. I've been told that the baby will be given to another aunt in Bicol come October.

My mother suggested that I adopt the child. They said I have all the means to support the child. Easier said than done, that's what I told her. It's not all financial talk when you think of adopting a child. It's not like taking in a new pet. The emotional aspect of it all is what I am afraid of. I think I will still be loving Rap more than her and its unfair for the baby. What if I have my second biological child in the future? Or what if I will love her as my own and then my cousin takes her back? It will be unfair on my part, then.

I think that I am not yet open to the idea of adopting. I can't even find the time to have a decent manicure/pedicure. What more to take care of a baby? And besides, I don't want our family ties to suffer in the future should they take the baby back.

I just wish that they didn't have to give their children away. I may not be the one to take care of this little angel but I will pray for her every day of my life.
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