Monday, May 21

House Blessing and Ralph's 7th Birthday

Our house was blessed (finally!) yesterday. Months before, we planned it to coincide with Ralph's seventh birthday. Yes, my baby's a big boy now. He's so looks like a binata now in the pictures. I'm kinda happy-sad about it.

This time, we decided to hire a caterer for the occassion. I am so busy with the school and the renovations and I knew I just couldn't cook for the celebration. Luckily, Rap's school service operator is also a caterer. We planned the menu just three days before the celebration. I just bought the cake, coke, and beer. I also prepared the pabitin and lootbags for the kids.

It was really hot yesterday. Well, at least it didn't rain as the weatherman forecasted. The food was enough for everybody (actually sobra pa nga eh) eventhough more than 50 guests arrived. My family was there minus Toto who attended his company's summer outing. Mama Babes sibling were in full force and I'm glad she looked happy that day. Close friends and other relatives also celebrated the day with us. Rap entertained them with his singing. Tita Net coaxed him to sing seven songs in a row to symbolize his seventh birthday.

I was so happy and, at the same time, proud yesterday. I still can't believe this house is ours. Our parents were also proud of our achievement and the fact that we were able to acquire this house this early. We can't thank the Lord enough for all of these blessings.

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