Friday, February 9

Friday, I'm In Love!

I'm not being mushy today. I was just thinking of what to write today and I remembered that it's Friday.

They often say that chocolate is the best happy food there ever is. That's why we often watch in movies girls eating chocolates while crying their hearts out to their girlfriends about their latest break-up. Not for me. Maybe because I know I can't eat chocolate because of my unpredictable blood sugar level.

Music for me is chocolate. I don't know about you but it's been the ultimate anti-depressant for me. I have two happy songs that I play loud on my Ipod every time I get the blues. First is "Automatic" by Utada Hikaru and "Friday I'm In Love" by The Cure. These two songs lift my spirits up when I hear them. Both songs are upbeat and I can't help but dance to them.

I remember being in love with "Automatic" way back in college. I can't even understand a single word except "it's automatic" in the song because it's in Japanese. But the melody and tempo got me. Just recently, thanks to the magic of the internet, I was able to download the lyrics (with translation)of the song. It is really a happy song. It tells about the magical feeling of being in love. That the happy feeling comes automatically once you see and hear the one you love. This has become one of Rap's favorites, too along with Utada Hikaru's other song "First Love".

"Friday I'm In Love" goes way back in my elementary days. I loved it then but got to forget about it soon enough. Daddyjun's eighties themed Christmas party made me listen to it again and remember the happy days I had back then. I've had it in my Ipod since December and I have no plans of removing it from my playlist.

I included audio clips of these songs so you can listen to them. Hope it makes you feel happy as I am when I hear them.

Thanks to Mandi Corona and Shai16200 of Imeem.Com for making these songs available.
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