Friday, February 16

Hearts Day

Daddyjun and I went out last Valentine's Day. It was a Wednesday and we cannot use the car so we rode a taxi to and from SM Mall of Asia. We got there by 11 in the morning. I didn't like to suffer the rush of sweethearts storming the malls from the late afternoon to the evening.

We ate a hearty lunch at Juan Bambu. Nasi Goreng has become a favorite of mine these days. We also ordered Curried Mixed Vegetables and Bagnet. Pasaway talaga! I forgot all about my diet! ;p After lunch and several burps later we walked our way up to the Centerstage to watch Ghostrider. I give the movie my two thumbs up for the graphics and the humor. I found the plot too simple, though. And I would have chosen a younger actor than Nicolas Cage to play Johnny Blaze. Inside the cinema I saw lovers of all ages. Most of them had teddy bears and long stemmed roses on their hands. I find it too mushy. I threatened Daddyjun that if he bought me some of those I would force him to walk with those in his arms all the way home. I am not really a chocolates and roses kind of girl. I prefer that I be given a potted herb or I'll just spare him the trouble of buying and just ask for the cash instead. Hahaha!

After the movie, we went to have a relaxing massage at Foot for the Gods. It was really relaxing, although I didn't like the icky feeling of the mentholated oil they used on me. Plus there was an old man, a customer, whose voice was so loud enough for me to get a headache. Hmp, considering that there was a big sign outside the room that said "Silent Mode Please".

We strolled a little looking for some living room and bedroom ideas and had a snack at Sbarro's before going home. I bought some pizza and chicken to take home because we also planned to have a little celebration for Jun's birthday. Yup, it's my handy alalay's birthday, too. I told him that he should have been named Valentino instead.

By the time we got home, Daddyjun's chest was in pain. Mama Babes and I bullied him to go to the hospital at once. The night before he complained of pain on his nape. I just wanted to be sure that it's not serious and we went to the hospital to have his blood pressure and heart rate checked. Everything was normal, the doctor said it might be just stress. He was given a pain reliever and we went home and got to sleep by ten o' clock.

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mommy ni sadie said...

ako rin i soooooooo hate flowers! once, habi brought me flowers at work na-away kami kung sino magbibitbit pauwi! :)

uy, been reading your entries, congrats sa school ha! :) i'm sure magiging successful yan! :)