Saturday, September 2

What Track Will I Follow?

Yesterday, I learned that my assessment form for the next semester only listed one subject. I was wondering why they did not give me the thesis subject. So I emailed the Faculty of Education and asked for some clarifications.

EDUC 300 (Graduate Thesis) will be offered on the first semester of A.Y. 2007-2008! My golly! I thought I would be done with my studies by the end of this school year! Looks like I'm still going to endure the pain of beating deadlines until October next year.

I'm enrolled in the Masters in Education program of the University of the Philippines Open University. I'm majoring in Language Studies. In our program, we get to have two options in order to graduate. Either we take the Thesis track or the Special Problem (non-thesis) track.

Here's the picture:

If I am going to take EDUC 300 (Thesis) next academic year, I would have to enroll only one more elective this coming semester.


If I am going to take EDUC 298 (Special Problem) next academic year, I would have to enroll two electives next semester, and take the comprehensive exam before I can graduate.

So, which track will I follow?

I was in a panic last night when I received the email. I had to decide as soon as possible. The assessment forms will be released supposedly today.

I asked advice from the people closest to me. Daddyjun told me to take the non-thesis option. Producing a thesis is quite time-consuming and might be heavy on the budget. Tita Ops and Mama, both educators with a Masters Degree, told me to take the thesis option. They told me that if I don't produce a thesis, I cannot enroll in post graduate studies in the future. Well, that's far from my mind right now, But, then again, we are planning to put up a school come two to three years from now. I wouldn't want to close my doors to post grad studies this early. Mama also told me that I should take the thesis track so I will feel the pride and contentment after I graduate. She told me that if I don't produce a thesis, that would make my graduate studies incomplete.

Hay! I'm still in a daze. I haven't given my decision to the FED yet. So give me some advice as soon as possible, okay? Enrollment for the second semester is until the end of this month only.

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DigiscrapMom said...

I have been trying to get information about UP's Open University program. Maybe you could give me some information about it :)

Good luck in whatever you are planning to do for this semester :) I'm sure matatapos mo rin yan in no time :)


Mauie Flores said...


Check out . You can enroll even when you're abroad.