Wednesday, September 27

Naga City 2006

Got back yesterday from our weekend getaway. This is the shortest stay we've had so far but the most fruitful one.

Sept 22

Left Philtranco Pasay for Naga City at around 9pm. We were booked for the Gold Service bus but we're shocked at the service we received! No more bus stewardess, pillows, and blankets. I already expected that there will be no meals since it was posted at the ticket booth that night trips will be non-stop. Buti na lang I bought inflatable pillows that were supposed to be extra pillows for Rap. The supposed to be non-stop trip stopped at Quezon around 12 midnight because the driver was already complaining that he had not yet eaten his dinner. Paki ko? Duh! Nonstop nga dapat, eh di dapat hindi kami nagmadaling mag-dinner sa pagkainit-init na Gold Service Lounge nila. There were only nine passengers including us that night. Kung alam ko lang, we shouldn't have bought a separate ticket for Rap.

Sept 23

We reached Naga Bus Terminal at around 5am. We were picked up by Dong. Rap was still sleepy when we arrived. He slept for only two hours during the trip. Excited yata. By the time we got to the house, he's back in hyper mode. We ate a light breakfast and slept afterwards. Rap did not sleep but played with his cousins downstairs.

Ate Cel cooked a hearty lunch of Kare-kare, Laing, and balaw (bagoong). Burp! Kaka-miss talaga luto ni Ate Cel. Her version of Laing is different from my mother's cooking which piping hot! Hers is sweet. Halatang caterer for kids.

Around 2pm, we're on our way to Cagsawa Ruins in Daraga, Albay. It's a 2 hour trip from Naga City. We hired a jeep to accommodate us all. We were 7 adults and 3 children all in all. Megan had to stay behind because she has to attend a practice for her English class' play. Rap slept before we even reached the boundary of Camarines Sur and Albay. Hehehe... napagod ang bata.

We reached Cagsawa at around 3:30 pm. We took pictures and toured the place. We did not buy souvenirs. Hirap magdala pabalik ng Manila eh. Next time na lang siguro when we bring our own car. We stayed for an hour then we headed back to Naga.

We reached the house late. The jeep's gas gauge turned out to be defective and we ran out of gas. Lucky for us that we were already in the outskirts of Naga, not to mention that the Petron station was just a walking distance away. We had dinner and slept early.

Sept 24

It's Papa's birthday. I tried calling him up as early as I could but he was already at church. So I just packed our things for the day's trip. We're going to the provincial capitol at Pili. The kids wanted to swim and the adults wanted to check out the new Camsur Watersports Complex.

We called up Kuya Edward and family to share the day with us. We had lunch first at the Eco Village and let the kids enjoy in the swimming pool. The picnic area is so cool and relaxing. I was able to reach Papa and greet him. Lloyd, Christy, and Clyde were with them. Kaka-guilty kaya lang we can't postpone this trip eh.

After lunch, at around 1pm, we went to the Camsur Water Sports Complex. It's the newest attraction of the province. Water sports afficionados can do wakeboarding, kneeboarding, and waterskiing. The rates are super low and the place is great! Imagine, Daddyjun was able to try kneeboarding and wakeboarding for just Php125/hour! Equipment rental (vest and helmet) is just Php 40/hr. Some amenities are still under construction. Just check out the website for more info.

The children were still swimming when we got back to the Eco Village after an hour. They were enjoying the jacuzzi. Naiinggit ako so I changed and joined them. Minutes after I sat in the jacuzzi, the heavy rain poured down. Hmp! Kainis.

By 6pm we were back at the house. We had dinner and were in bed by 9pm.

Sept 25

We had a mini-tour of the churches of Naga City. First, we went to the Basilica and prayed to Our Lady of Pe├▒afrancia. (I hope she grants my wish soon.) We tried visiting the Pe├▒afrancia Museum but it's closed so we went inside the church instead. After that, we headed to the Naga Cathedral. That's where Dong, Ate Cel, Mama, and CJ fetched us.

We accompanied them to the Digitel office afterwards. Mama applied for a DSL connection. We also canvassed computers. We had lunch at LCC mall where Tita Ops and Tita Andy joined us. After lunch, we bought pasalubongs and our bus ticket. We went back to the house after that. I had to pack our things pa.

By 9pm we're seated in an Amihan Bus back to Manila and the reality that I'll be taking my final exams on the 30th. Waah!

Oh, well! Here are the pictures, by the way:

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