Sunday, August 20

HS Get Together

I didn't have hesitations when Mel texted me one night and invited me to a get together of old high school classmates. Nazario was coming home from Bahrain and was getting married on the 26th. Last March, when Bench came home and we had an impromptu dinner with Mark and Nyor, I told them I seldom accept invitations from high school friends. You know how it is when old classmates meet and some would just brag about their "achievements" blah blah blah? I hate it when this happens. I don't know why I said yes to Mel but I had a gut feel that it would turn out fine.

It didn't. Last night turned out to be not just fine but GREAT! We were eight people all in all. Such a small group, but I think that's what made the difference. Nazario, Mel, Nyor, Mark, Eleanor, Leilanie, Daryl, and me spent the night chatting and laughing about old times.
I am glad I was with the right mix of people this time around. I wasn't really close to these people back in high school. I didn't have a barkada. I was too busy to have one. I had my choir, the student government, the clubs, and the CAT training going on. I guess if I had laid low a little bit I would have somebody to call my highschool bestfriend.
I was, somehow, able to catch up with what I missed. It made me think what kind of a classmate I was to them, then. For one, I didn't know that _____ and _____ were sweethearts!
We had dinner at Gerry's Grill Glorietta and sang our hearts out at Red Box in Greenbelt. Thanks to Nazario for this awesome treat! Hope he goes home often and wouldn't forget to call us up again. Hihihi!

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