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Trying out ThetaHealing® at The Third Eye Wellness, Manila

I have always been open to alternative methods of healing. So when Third Eye Wellness invited me, along with other bloggers and media people, to experience ThetaHealing®, I said yes right away. I wasn't that familiar with ThetaHealing® but, from what I read, I gathered that it has to do something with the emotional healing.

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ThetaHealing® is a method of healing that allows a patient to get in touch with his/her emotions and thoughts to transform negative belief systems into positive thoughts. Sanaiyah Gurnamal, founder and owner of the Third Eye Center in Dubai and Manila, mentioned that "most, if not all diseases are rooted in our emotions." Negativity blocks energy which makes the body weak. I strongly believe in this premise. Remember when I said goodbye to teaching and to "emotional vampires" to lessen my daily stress? Managing diabetes has been easier after I did those.

But before we were further introduced to ThetaHealing®, we were first treated to a relaxing back massage at the center's Transcend Spa & Nails.

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What really caught my attention was the rack of Sparitual vegan nail polish by the entrance. I'll definitely come back and have a nail treatment here because of the vegan nail polish.

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While waiting for the others to have their back massages done, I went around and checked the rooms where the therapies are done. Interestingly, the rooms are named after the elements: Fire, Air, Water, and Earth.

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Then, I lingered for a while at the Chakra Cafe chitchatting with Badet of We were served warm Funky Lemon Peach Tea.

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By the time we went to the room where Sanaiyah introduced ThetaHealing® and The Third Eye Wellness, my senses were already fully relaxed and rejuvenated.

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Sanaiyah came across ThetaHealing® in 2009, which she saw as a perfect blend of science with spirituality. Inspired to share its miraculous physical, mental and spiritual results with the world, she pursued a Master’s Degree from the ThetaHealing® Institute of Knowledge in the United States, learning from Vianna Stibal who had designed the technique to cure herself of cancer. Today, she is a ThetaHealing® Master Practitioner and Instructor; a holder of the Certificate of Science, the highest certification in ThetaHealing®, and is currently the only expert practicing in the Philippines.

After her short talk, we were then partnered with healers and had our ThetaHealing® session. The core process of ThetaHealing® begins with deep meditation that activates the Theta brain wave, connecting the patient to the Creator of the Universe, or their personal Higher Power. This state of mind allows the patient to tune into the energy of Creation, the ultimate catalyst for change in physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

My healer, Nina, had a voice that's so friendly and relaxing that I did not hesitate in opening up because it was as if I was talking to a bestfriend. I told her that I have a problem with my ovaries and I want to get pregnant again and she started helping me remember how the problem started. It was very much like a therapy session with a shrink but with deep meditation. I was seeing colors while my eyes were closed and the colors changed as we went deeper into my memories.

I think my session took almost an hour because, when I opened my eyes, there were only few people left in the room! It was really very relaxing and it was a relief talking about that painful childhood memory. Was I healed of my polycystic ovaries? I'm not really sure. But the following day, I had a runny nose and I was coughing like crazy. I asked a friend who has already tried ThetaHealing® and she said that it could be that I'm releasing. I know that I would need more ThetaHealing®sessions to be fully cured.

The Third Eye Wellness not only offers healing services but workshops and classes as well. If you're interested in trying out ThetaHealing® or becoming a Theta Healer yourself, you may visit or

The Third Eye Wellness is located at 600A, 6th Floor, 20th Drive Corporate Center, 20th Drive, Mc Kinley Business Park, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

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