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Get Active: 5 Ideal Exercises for Seniors!

As we get older, a long morning run becomes a mid-paced amble; our muscles and bones creak from over-exertion and the recovery period jumps from spare hours to a couple of days. In tune with passing years and experience, our bodies and health will inevitably become a changing circumstance, betraying our stamina and physical resilience. Make no mistake - the body will always need regular, complex activity to stretch, strengthen and tone muscles to ensure an enjoyable lifestyle. Don't be dissuaded by stiffness, decreased mobility, health complications or deteriorating muscle mass; you CAN conquer your body in your twilight years. Smart fitness can lead to a longer, happier life, a higher self-esteem and social contentment.

Get outside and enjoy the elements of nature with five exercises sure to release those feel good endorphins of your youth!

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Yoga is a flexible philosophy, combining physicality with spiritual serenity, excellent for lengthening and strengthening lagging muscles and alleviating body pain, aches and tensions. As you develop in your discipline, some classes introduce light cardio to regulate breathing and lung density. After a few months, you will be flexible, nimble and relatively free from aches and pains.

Water Sports

Swimming, underwater running, water aerobics, aqua zumba- the breadth of current water classes is exciting. Fitness has never been more accessible for all age groups and fitness levels; aquatic choices are best suited to those who want to tone and maintain a hardened core, arms and legs without the high impact and joint jarring activity of land based exercises. Get your dose of cardio without the injury or joint irritation!


Walking is the foundation of human evolution. Our natural transport and source of fitness, walking can inform basic cardiovascular fitness without over-doing it, re-centre the mind and body after a stressful week or maintain happiness. It's the perfect solidarity or group activity; make it as social or peaceful as you like, explore your local neighbourhood and select a couple of routes to challenge and inspire you.


Rowing is reputable for being a dynamic and efficient upper body workout, building rockhard shoulders and biceps; in fact, rowing is an effective and low impact complete body workout, engaging the core and leg muscles through correct technique and repetition. Whether you're blessed with beautiful waterways or you rely on a rowing machine, this honoured Olympic sport is a great way to reconnect with your body at anyage.

Do Something You Love

Have you always wanted to learn how to ice-skate? Sink a hole in one? Scale a sheer cliff face in the safety of a climbing studio? Twirl around the ballroom floor?

Go out there and seize the moment. Sociable fun isn't the pursuit of youth and younger adults; pushing yourself outside your comfort zone, meeting new people, conquering a physical skill will renew your vigour and revitalise your confidence at any age or stage of life. Are you having difficulty finding the courage to make the first move? Unsure of your physical ability to engage in some of these activities? Contact ddswq Medicare Local and start living your life.

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