Thursday, May 23

Healthy grocery choices for weight loss

I'm back from our 3-day vacation in Singapore. As usual, food trips will not be missed in vacations like this one. With so many hawker centers around, it was so hard to resist the urge to grab a bite every time we had the chance. But our holiday is over and now it's payback time. I started not eating rice again at dinner to make up for all the Chicken Rice I devoured in SG, haha! I will also revamp our weekly menu to include healthy food that is perfect for one who's trying to lose weight.

First step in doing so is to buy healthy ingredients for our pantry. Most of the healthy grocery items on my list are so easy to find in my neighborhood supermarket. If you're on a diet and you're planning your menu, you may want to check this out:

  • Vegetables - Fiber = weight loss. That's what I learned in the C-Lium weight loss challenge that we had last year. Fibrous vegetables include ones that are green and leafy like broccoli, celery,  cauliflower, and lettuce. Cheaper alternatives are kangkong, camote tops, eggplants, and okra.
  • Fruits - I normally shy away from sweet fruits because of the sugar content. Non-diabetics don't have to worry too much about that though I would still recommend to avoid the canned, preserved ones.
  • Chicken - Choose white meat to avoid fat. The breast part is the least fatty and, of course, avoid the skin. I would also choose free-range chicken over the commercial broilers as the chicken move more and are less fatty.
  • Whole grains - Brown rice is still the best for those who can't avoid eating rice. We mix it with white rice, though, because I find the brown rice too sticky for my taste. There are also whole grain cereals for breakfast or snacks.
  • Dessert - Oh yes, people on a diet can still have desserts after meals. It all depends on what you'll have. When in doubt, choose prepared desserts from a trusted brand like those great tasting range of Weight Watchers Foods

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