Friday, May 31

Employee weight loss program

Most large companies realize that health problems experienced by their employees can have a major impact on their productivity, and this problem creates a negative impact on their bottom line. It is for this reason that many employers now offer employee wellness programs as an employee benefit, and the reduction in employee sick days also has a positive impact on the company.

Health related research has identified a strong link between obesity and some common health problems currently experienced in today's world. Taking this into consideration, many employee wellness programs focus on weight loss and fitness. Most overweight people really want to lose weight but are not sure where to begin. An employer sponsored wellness program provides their employees with individualized diet plans to assist them in attaining a healthy weight. Employees are also eligible for cash incentives as they progress toward their weight loss goal and a more healthy lifestyle. Interested employers can learn more about Employee wellness programs at This employee weight loss program is very beneficial to employees and employers alike. A few of the specific corporate benefits are reduced absenteeism, increased productivity and a lowered cost of health care claims.

Personalized weight loss plans and individualized coaching that is focused on the needs of each participant has been proven to produce exceptional results and healthy, happy employees.

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