Tuesday, February 19

Public speaking reminders

This week, my speakership training for the new business I am engaged in will commence. I am glad that W1N International offers free speakership training to their distributors because I really learned a lot from our training sessions. Believe it or not, I'm no speaker material. I almost flunked my Public Speaking course in college if not for my professor who allowed me to sing my way to a passing grade. But here I am now, just a speaking test away from accreditation.

In those training sessions I learned these valuable public speaking tips:

  • Nervousness is but natural. Even naturally born speakers still feel butterflies in their stomach before speaking to a crowd.
  • Practice makes perfect. I had to overcome my uneasiness in speaking to myself in front of the mirror just so I can improve my spiel.
  • Respect your audience's time. This means making their listening time worthwhile by avoiding rambles and making your point clear and concise.
  • The opening and closing parts of the speech are vital in keeping your listeners' interest. We were taught to be enthusiastic at the beginning of our speech and be persuasive and influential as the speech ends.
  • The speaking voice is different from the usual conversational voice. A speaker's voice should be modulated - not too quiet, yet not too loud. Thankfully, I still remembered my modulation and diaphragm exercises from my voice lessons in the past.
  • Nobody wants to listen to somebody who looks boring in and out. Always smile and even use humor in your speech. Be animated by showing enthusiasm in your eyes and hand gestures.

Wish me luck on my speaking test this Friday night. I still have to practice using the Powerpoint presentation they gave us. If I pass this, I may have to reward myself with a spanking new projector. I might also take time to check out the projector mounts sold online.

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