Wednesday, January 9

Tips to take care of your back

"My back is killing me!"

This has been my favorite line lately. My activities nowadays have not been kind on my back, not to mention I always carry a heavy back. Massages do work for a while but it's always prevention that's better than the cure. So read on if you're also having back problems like me.

  • Avoid carrying heavy baggages and as much as possible, do not use sling bags. Sling bags are those with straps carried by one shoulder so the weight of load is not distributed equally on your back. If you can't avoid using a shoulder bag, just don't overload it.
  • Bend your knees when picking up objects. This way, your back is not bent and you avoid possible back injuries.
  • Exercise your back to strengthen it. Good back exercises are swimming (backstroke) and walking.
  • Choose memory foam mattresses over the ordinary ones. Memory foam mattresses conform to the shape of your body so the curve of your back is well-supported whatever your sleeping position is.
  • Lose weight. Avoid carrying excess load, right?
  • Drink your milk. Calcium strengthens the bones, including your back bone. If you don't drink milk, take calcium supplements.

I do hope you avoid back problems with these tips If you have other tips to share, just hit the comment button. Thanks for the visit!


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