Sunday, January 13

Sin Tax Law, Yay or Nay?

The sin tax law has finally been signed and has been in effect starting the first day of 2013. I am one of the people who are happy with this historic development because I strongly oppose smoking and dislike second-hand smoke like it's the plague. I know that, somehow, with the higher taxes that the government is now imposing on cigarettes and liquor, less Filipinos will get into the habit.

Republic Act No. 10351 or the restructured sin tax law raises the cost of a pack of cigarettes to 30 pesos by 2017. Meanwhile, the price per bottle of beer will be around Php 23.50 higher in 2017.* While the increase is still considerably low compared to the policies of other countries, such as Singapore, majority of the Filipinos who drink and smoke will definitely find the new prices expensive which will make them think twice before buying beer and cigarettes (or 858 sungrown cigars).

The tobacco farmers are not happy, so as their employers and the merchants who sell them. But I am still for the law and I believe that it's for a good cause. I just pray the taxes the government gets from this law will really be used to improve our country's health care system

How about you? Are you also as happy of the law as I am?

*Figures from report (01/01/2013).

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