Tuesday, November 20

Rick is awake!

My husband and I are fans of The Walking Dead and we haven't missed a single episode since Season 1. The 3rd season has given me so much heartache with the deaths of Lori and T-Dog in just one episode! It has also made me so frustrated of how Rick lost it and went a bit crazy after. Then finally, he has woken up in Episode 6.

I actually felt a glimmer of hope in Episode 5 when Rick got that phone call. Turns out, he was just delusional. I understand that it was his way of coping up with the loss and it helped him get back on his feet. It was touching to watch him carry his newborn child.

I can't wait for Episode 7! There are pretty exciting developments in the story and it looks like Merle and Andrea will finally meet Rick's group after being separated from them in the past seasons.

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