Thursday, November 22

Helpful Hints to Improve the Health of Your Spine

Many people don’t realize how vital spinal health is to the rest of their lives. The spinal cord connects the brain to the rest of the body, and any back problems can interrupt the transmission of messages from the brain to the nerves. Backaches, headaches, muscle pain, and even soreness in the legs and arms can be signs that something in the back is out of whack. Supplements can help maintain the health of muscles and joints. Click here to learn more. There are also several things you can do on a daily basis to improve the health of your spine – and the rest of your body.

We've heard it again and again from our grandmothers: “Stand up straight.” While posture is important to convey confidence to those around you, it is also important for your overall health. With the increased number of people sitting at computers for multiple hours a day, it’s important not only to stand up straight,
but to sit straight as well. Most of us don’t have a body that fits perfectly to mass manufactured chairs and desks. Find ways to manipulate the places you sit to support your posture. Stack books under a computer monitor to make sure it’s viewable at eye level, and you’re not bending your neck forward in order to see
the screen. Hold your keyboard in your lap or invest in a desk with a pull-out keyboard to ensure that your shoulders and upper back are not strained while typing. Set your chair up so that your feet can sit flat on the floor. Sitting cross-legged or with your legs tucked under you for prolonged periods of time can bend
your spine and influence its overall support of your body.

In addition to supporting the skeletal system, it’s important to develop and care for the muscles around the spine. Pilates, yoga, or just general stretching are important to do consistently. Just take ten minutes a day to do general stretches. To help with more intense problems, weekly yoga sessions often bring in-depth relief.

Back problems will only continue to worsen if they are left untreated, and it’s more difficult to correct them later in life as our body’s age. Take a few minutes daily to grow and maintain the health of your back. It can affect much more than just posture.

Paige One writes a variety of articles, from fashion to fitness. Maintain the health of your back all season long!

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