Wednesday, July 18

Prescription sunglases by Firmoo

I have astigmatism and I have been wearing prescription glasses since 2006. I feel nauseous when I don't wear my glasses and the only time I don't wear them is when I'm asleep.

The sunny days of summer are no exception. As much as I want to wear fashionable sunglasses to match my summer outfit, I can't. The least I can do is wear an over-sized pair of shades over my prescription eyeglasses. And every time I do that, I need to have someone to ask, "Halata ba? Mukha bang tanga?" (Does it show? Do I look silly?) But what can I do?

Finally, my silly "big shades over prescription eyeglasses" days are over! My Firmoo prescription sunglasses are here!

My Firmoo prescription shades are the perfect size and eye grade. I'm impressed by its quality and even the case is made of quality material. I did not have a problem ordering from the online store because I have a copy of my prescription. I also signed up using my Facebook account so I can use my own photo in the Virtual Try-on.

Firmoo Online Optical Store offers a wide range of choices for its customers. It helped that their website is so organized and user-friendly that I was able to view a lot of eyeglasses before I settled on this one. This will definitely not be my first and last pair of Firmoo eyeglasses!

Interested in having your own pair? Visit or like Firmoo Online Optical Store  on Facebook ( to be updated on their new stocks.

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genevierefreedman said...

hmmm...looks nice. masubukan nga ang Firmoo.