Thursday, July 19

CalChews, yummy calcium soft chews

I don't drink milk. I only get to drink milk when it's mixed with tea and the only time I drank pure milk was when I was pregnant with Rap. Even though it was chocolate-flavored, I still felt like puking every time I down a glass. I know I should learn how to drink milk because it's an excellent source of calcium. Considering my age (and my weight, too), I need all the help I can get from calcium-rich products to keep my bones strong.

Years ago, I found the answer to my dilemma in the form of a calcium-enriched orange juice. I was regularly drinking it at first until I got tired of fixing myself a glass of orange juice. This weekend, I was glad to see CalChews on the shelf of Robinsons Supermarket!


CalChews is a calcium supplement that comes as yummy soft chews. One piece already contains as much as 500mg of calcium plus 400IU of Vitamin D and 40mcg of Vitamin K. Vitamin D is essential for the proper absorption of calcium while Vitamin K prevents calcium deposits in the heart.


It is recommended to take one chew daily. Since it contains Vitamin K, pregnant and breastfeeding women, and also those taking anticoagulant meds should consult their doctors before taking CalChews. By the way, I read from their Facebook page that CalChews can be taken by kids age 7 and up!


I bought the caramel flavored Calchews and this box of 15 chews cost me Php 180.  There's also chocolate flavored ones. I'm taking it after lunch and not at night since it still has sugar which is a no-no for diabetics like me.  I find CalChews very convenient to take because all I have to do is remove the wrapper and pop it in my mouth anytime, anywhere.  It tastes great, too!  Not too sweet as I thought it would be.  Nakakabitin nga, sometimes, hahaha! It's like just like chewing on Tootsie Roll and I have to remind myself that I can only have one chew a day, lol!

To know more about CalChews, I suggest you visit the CalChews Facebook page ( or follow them on Twitter (@CalChews).

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