Monday, July 9

Ankle pain relief

Summer had me going out more often than I used to. I was the one who brought my boy to his summer activities. Since it was summer, I found it the perfect time to show off my wedges. But being the heavy weight that I am, I wasn't able to balance myself one time and sprained my ankle.

To alleviate the pain, here are some things I did:

Cold compress - As with any swelling, it's best to apply cold compress (such as an ice pack) to help lessen the swelling and the pain.
Heat compress - Applying a heated pad or towel is as good as using cold compress on the ankle. It also felt better when I tried soaking my feet on a tub of warm water (no budget for a raypak pool heater yet, hehe).
Raising the affected foot on a stool when sitting down or on two pillows when lying down.
Rest - No long hours of walking or standing up.

It took almost a month before the pain and swelling went away. I was even scared that I might have arthritis already but a quick check with the doctor revealed that it was just an ordinary sprained ankle.

Nevertheless, I knew I had to lose weight to improve my balance and lessen the weight on my feet. I also had to cut down on salty food and those high in uric acid. Most of all, I now give more attention to walking to prevent trips, falls, and sprains.

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