Sunday, July 8

The Voice of Truth

My family and I have started attending Holy Mass at The Feast Taytay for two Sundays now. I wish we have gone earlier because I really enjoy spending our Sundays there. Finally, we have found a Catholic prayer community to call our own.

After the Holy Mass, a praise and worship session follows which really moves me. The songs touch me and get me teary-eyed. One of the songs that moved me yesterday is "The Voice of Truth" by Casting Crowns. The song talks about rising above life's challenges and it did not only remind me of my own hurdles but also the times that I've become an obstacle to someone else's dreams.

I'm now listening to it over and over again; trying to learn to play the song by heart. I'm also letting Rap learn the praise and worship songs that are being played at The Feast. We hope that, through music, he can also serve the Lord just as how I and my sister did when we were younger.

The Feast is, as Bro. Bo Sanchez says, the happiest place on earth. It's starting to heal me spiritually and I love how through it, I am getting closer back to the arms of the Lord.

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