Monday, June 4

No exam, no fuss

I have been often offered life insurance that I almost signed up for. Take note of the word "almost." The offer is great, the price is affordable, yet it wasn't for me all because I am a hypertensive diabetic. Yes, most of the life insurance plans nowadays have a clause that prohibits people with underlying medical conditions to avail of the plan.

Sad. An insurance plan for me, whether it be life, accident, or medical insurance, is equal to having peace of mind. For a freelancer like me, it means financial stability not only for me but for my loved ones as well. What will happen to them if something happens to me or my husband. How will my boy have a secured future?

Thankfully, there are no exam term life insurance quotes offered in the market today where plan holders are not required to undergo a medical or physical exam. This is truly good news for those of us who want to be insured but have medical conditions. A friend of mine who works for an insurance company has already introduced the concept to me but I'm still finding time to fully understand the quote he sent me. Let me know if you're also interested so I can share his details with you.

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Mandeep said...

Located in Braintree, Massachusetts, the Medical Information Bureau (MIB) 
is a repository for medical information collected by insurance companies. 
 When an application is submitted insurance companies often check the MIB 
for any records contain for the proposed insured.