Sunday, June 3

Going back to cross stitching

I'm thinking of going back to cross stitching. Cross stitching has been a hobby for me way back when I still had lots of time in the world. With that, I meant not having all these freelance online tasks that I'm doing right now. Cross stitching was my way of relaxing; a chance to be alone with myself and my thoughts.

I have one project hanging on the wall in our living room. As proud as I am of my works, I was even more happier to give them away to friends and family. I even bought mailing tubes so I could ship two of my projects to friends as gifts. It gives me joy to see that they also gave my projects special spots in their home.

Unfortunately, the popularity of cross stitching here in the Philippines has waned and there are only a few cross stitch supply stores left. Still, seeing my sunflower project on our living room wall rekindled my interest in this art.

Are you also into cross stitching? How many projects have you done?


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