Thursday, April 26

Drug addiction and diabetes

One of the recent comments I received in this blog was this question: "What has drug addiction got to do with diabetes?"

I posted about drug addiction rehab centers in the Philippines about a year ago and I was overwhelmed by the traffic and the response the post has been getting. Apparently, there is little information on the Internet about drug rehabilitation centers in the web and, because of my work as a health website editor, I had access to such a list. I thought of sharing it in this blog so people can have access to the contact details of these centers and I received a lot of messages thanking me for writing about it.

Now, back to the question, "what has drug addiction got to do with diabetes?" Well, there have been diabetics (diagnosed and undiagnosed) who have been addicted to drugs (see here: Being hooked on illegal drugs is definitely not an option for a diabetic. It's life threatening and the addiction should be addressed before the diabetes management plan for the patient becomes truly effective. Drug addiction can affect anyone, even diabetics, and they need more help than drug dependent non-diabetics do.

I hope I don't get comments asking about what my boy's trophies and awards got to do with diabetes because my blog is not entirely a diabetes blog. :) I write about everyday stuff, anything that happens in my life as a diabetic. You see, I still live life as it is, sugar-free, and that's the inspiration behind the title of this blog.

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