Friday, March 16

Happy Birthday, Doray

Today marks the birthday of my dear sister, Doreen. She's a year older than me but most people say I look older because I am the one who acts like the big sister. She's well-loved by people because she's wittingly funny and spontaneous. At the same time, her jolly being can be often misunderstood as tactless and insensitive.

Nevertheless, I stand behind her no matter what. She's my only sister and my first best friend. I look up to her and I got to realize my strengths and weaknesses just by being with her. Ours is a bond that definitely has grown stronger especially now that she's a mom.

Happy Birthday, Doray! I'll be looking forward to the lunch treat you promised! Please don't ask for a yoga mat bag or any gift for that matter. I'll just bring danggit and dried mangoes for you from Cebu! ;p

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1 sweet comments:

genevierefreedman said...

sama natin si Ralpito!!!!